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Online Reviews & Reputation Management for Roofing Contractors

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Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.

Many homeowners looking for roofing repairs and replacements will turn to family, friends and the internet for recommendations. While family and friends are a trustworthy source, Google and Yelp reign supreme in the online review category and are an easy way for new customers to find and connect with you.

As a Roofing Contractor, maintaining your review presence and online reputation is going to be a critical piece of your marketing strategy. We’ve put together some things to consider as you manage your online review presence, reputation, and feedback to attract new business.


Google Reviews

When search results appear for a specific business, a user will see a Google Business block containing a website link, directions and an option to save. Users that do not specifically search a business will see local options displayed on a map with a list. Just a snapshot of information is offered with either of these search result displays. What sticks out on both, however, is the company’s rating based on the reviews they’ve received.

Try it: Google search yourself or a competitor or ‘roofers in my area.’


Widely-known for angry customer rants, Yelp’s still a top-ranking site when someone searches for services ‘nearby.’ Set up your profile by adding a few photos, your contact information, and your service area. Set up notifications so that you are alerted when a review is posted.

Try it: Review a business, restaurant or place you frequent on Yelp.

Facebook Reviews

Gaining popularity due to their ‘check-in’ and tagging features, Facebook prompts users to leave a review based on their engagement with that organization’s profile. Leverage Facebook Reviews by commenting with a “thank you” or another quick note personal to the project. This response has the potential to reach the friends and family audience of the person who left the review as well as your followers. Facebook Reviews are perceived as a trustworthy source for buyers and businesses alike.

Try it: Already have a Facebook review? Like it and leave a comment.

Angie’s List

This directory of Home Service Professionals has been a hub for homeowners to give reviews and utilize reviews to make informed decisions for over 20 years. With an entire search dedicated to Roofing, Siding and Gutter Contractors, you’ll need to create an account and set up alerts so you can respond in a timely fashion and become a recommended contractor in your area.

Try it: Set up an Angie’s List user account and gain access to articles, search a partner of yours and get a feel for the interface.


Send thank you notes.

Sending a handwritten or email thank you note to your customers when you finish a job should be a habit. In that messaging include a reminder to leave a review, you can even include a link to make it easy for them. If you have a referral program, this is a great time to mention that as well.

Build a partner community.

Using a product that you love? Review it online and expand your network to theirs. Do you engage other vendors to get the job done? Give them kudos and watch the favor get returned.

Share authentic messaging.

Deliver tips, tricks, and seasonal news to your audience via a newsletter or social media. Your expert advice is just another piece in the puzzle of converting your online fans into customers.


It’s not all 5 stars, unicorns, and rainbows. Disgruntled customers come to the internet to complain as much as they do to compliment. Giving your best service every time helps prevent this, but in case a poor review ends up on one of your profiles, here’s how to handle it:

  • Reach out to the individual and see if you can fix the problem or get to the bottom of the negative review so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Many times, once the customer feels their wrong was righted, they will delete or change the review.
  • If the review remains after some personal trouble-shooting, post an apology in the comments and reiterate that you strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


Authentic marketing means you must deliver. When customers can publicly impact brands, service levels increase, and competition stiffens. You can mitigate this with stellar service and by sharing all the reviews that confirm you are a great business to work with.

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Find Out If Roofing Boost Is The Best Fit For Your Marketing Needs.

You may have something in place, you may need to start from the ground up. Roofing Contractors get results with Roofing Boost marketing partnerships, you can too.


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